CLEAN: Remove, Restore, Rejuvenate. Part 3

A little over due;  here is my final update on our 21 day clean diet. We made it to day 19.75.  Not quite the full 21 days.

Clean by Alejandro Junger

Clean by Alejandro Junger

In summary:

– The breakfast smoothies were great.

– The snacks of Larabars (I started to make my own), apple/pear with almond butter, and homemade lentil humus with veggies were all great.

– The bigger main meal lunches were great.

– The evening raw pureed soups were not so great. I normally love soups. Half way through this diet, I was getting pretty bored of the soups.  I didn’t like having one big bowl of the same flavor and nothing to chew. I wanted to sink my teeth into something. It got to the point that we were not enjoying the evening soup at all. It was making us pretty cranky.  So we called it quits at day 19.75.

I really didn’t feel any different on this diet at all. My energy level was about the same. Although by the third week I was pretty hungry.  I lost about 5 pounds in total. John a little more than that. He found that he had serious low energy (even though I was doubling up on the recipe portions). He did sleep better and had really vivid dreams (something the book did talk about). 

Back to Normal:
The transition back to eating our “normal” food wasn’t as gradual as I hoped. I had every intention to just phase certain foods back into our diet. That didn’t happen.  I was so craving certain foods, in particular cheese and yogurt. 

I’m glad we did this. I’d do it again,  or at least a slightly different iteration.  There were some useful things that I got out of the experience:

  1. How hard it is to make changes to the way we eat. We are creatures of habit.
  2. How time consuming it can be to learn how to follow new recipes, use new foods, or new food preparation techniques. It took a lot of planning and thinking ahead.
  3. Once you make the commitment to make the changes and learn how to shop and prepare foods, it becomes easier after that first initial week.  

Some clean diet habits I hope we can continue:

  1. Less grains.  I plan to keep up the green smoothies for breakfast. On the days I know I’m going to workout; I add a scoop of rice protein powder and glob of almond butter to the smoothie.  Eat leftovers for lunch rather than have a sandwich.
  2. Healthy homemade snacks. I really enjoyed the homemade Larabars and the homemade Lentil humus.
  3. Bigger lunch portions, and smaller dinner portions.
  4. Drinking more lemon water
  5. Eat Fruit to satisfy any sweet tooth cravings.
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