Quinoa, Oat and Banana Bars

I have been making a batch of the Quinoa, Oat and Cherry bars every week. I made this variation to mix it up a bit. I also tried a savory version: nothing sweet; just rosemary and parmesan cheese. I’m still perfecting the recipe. If you like banana bread, then you’ll love this version.


1 1/2 cups of Quinoa
1 can of coconut milk
2 1/2 cup of Oats (Trader Joes and Bob’s Red Mill have gluten free oats)
1 1/2 cup of yogurt, kefir or almond milk
1 cup of unsweetened coconut flakes (Bob’s Red Mill)
1 cup of mashed, ripe banana
1/2 cup of carob or chocolate chips
1 tbsp cinnamon
1/2-1 tsp nutmeg
1/4-1/2 cup of sweetener (agave, honey or maple syrup)
2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
1 tbsp vanilla
1/2 peanut butter
(Apple sauce or almond meal to change consistency)


Oats, Quinoa, coconut, and cherries

Oats, Quinoa, and coconut.

DIRECTIONS: 1. In a large bowl, soak the oats in the yogurt, Kefir and / or almond milk. The longer you can soak the better. I typically soak for 3 hours, stirring occasionally. If the oats absorb all the liquid; add a bit more.

2. Bring the coconut milk and 1 cup of water to a boil. Add the quinoa and simmer until the quinoa is cooked. This should be in about 10 minutes or when the liquid is absorbed.

3. Once the oats have been soaked and the quinoa is cooked, set the oven for 350 degrees.  Combine the oats and quinoa, and mix in the rest of the ingredients. If the mixture is too dry, add some almond milk, yogurt or apple sauce. If it is too wet, then add some almond meal. You want the consistency to be like a thick oatmeal. Pour the mixture into a large greased casserole dish (13 x 9) and bake for 35-45 minutes.

4. Cool in the casserole dish first before slicing into bars. Store in the refrigerator or freeze.

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