Breakaway Training’s Services

These are special focus sessions; typically one-on-one.  Although some sessions lend themselves to a small group. Cost is $60 per session. Here are some examples of the more popular sessions:

Pedaling efficiency/body awareness/ and alignment on the bike
Training consultation
Time management
Cycling Technique
Yoga/stretching workouts
Strength training
Core body training
Nutrition and fueling
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Training programs are specifically designed for each athlete depending on their goals, commitments and responsibilities outside of their activities. Training programs take a balanced approach that incorporates aerobic conditioning, strength training, stretching, taper and recovery plans. We have worked with experienced racers to first time racers, serious recreational athletes to those completely new to the sport.  We ’ve helped athletes race in World Championships, National Champions, to those who want to ride a double century, their first century or prepare for a multiple day event like Cycle Oregon.
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Classes typically meet once a week for an 8-12 week term. Please contact Breakaway Training for current schedule, prices and availability for the following classes:

-Indoor Trainer Workout Class
For the Indoor Trainer Workout Class athletes must provide their own bike and trainer. Classes focus on specific drills to help with pedal efficiency and leg speed and include structured interval sets. Classes include a deep warm up, a cool down and stretching. Classes meet during the winter months (Oct-Mar) once a week.