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Introducing Breakaway Wellness Coaching

Saturday, November 3rd, 2018

I am excited to let you know that I am now a certified Health and Wellness Coach (CHWC) through WellCoaches School of Coaching and I am open for business in my new practice Breakaway Wellness Coaching. I am offering individual one-on-one coaching as well as corporate health and wellness coaching programs. As with many service-based businesses, I know I cannot do this alone, and that referrals are what help start a practice.  I’d be humbled to receive your referrals, knowing that you trust in my expertise and competency. You’ll find my contact information at the end of this posting.

Do you have a client, patient, friend, coworker, family member or neighbor who is not content with their health or wellness and is ready to put in some work to make changes, but just seems unsure how to move forward? Breakaway Wellness Coaching can help get them started on a new path towards wellness. (Coaching is as effective over the phone as in person, if not more so. The phone allows for a deeper level of listening and the convenience makes it easier for clients to commit to, and keep appointments. We don’t even need to be in the same city or time zone!)

What is a Health and Wellness Coach?

We are not going to tell you what is best for you, what to do, or what to eat. Nor are we therapists or counselors. We help clients and patients to discover their own path to better well-being. Drawing on a number of techniques and theories (Motivational Interviewing, Appreciative Inquiry, NonViolent Communication, Social Cognitive Theory and Positive Psychology), a skilled Health and Wellness Coach comes from a place of non-judgment and curiosity.

There are many different things that can influence a person’s well-being. Your individual wellness coaching journey will be unique to you and could include: mindset/attitude, exercise, nutrition, sleep quality, and stress control.

The Coaching Process:

The coaching process I use is centered on a client-based wellness vision, in which you set realistic and attainable 3-month goals and design weekly goals (or action-oriented experiments) – the small steps that will help move you towards your wellness vision.

I assist clients in achieving their wellness vision by using mindful listening, reflections and inquiring questions. This helps clients to uncover what is important to them and discover their strengths, clarify their values, and identify their motivators.  We brainstorm possibilities, focus on successes (looking at what is working, or has worked, instead of focusing on what doesn’t) and harness strengths to overcome barriers to support the wellness vision. This process has proven to be highly successful in helping clients navigate from where they are now to where they want to be.  WellCoaches report that 70% of 3-month goals are achieved using this approach.

The end result of Health and Wellness Coaching can lead to increased personal responsibility, self motivation, self-confidence, the ability to self-discover, and increased self-efficacy. It leaves clients feeling they are in control, with a sense of accomplishment, and they have strategies to fall back on to help overcome future challenges.

Why there is a need for Health and Wellness Coaching:

Lifestyle behaviors affect our wellness, and today people are struggling to making changes or having a hard time making them stick, despite knowing that falling back on old habits is adversely affecting their health and wellness. Why is this?

  • Telling people that they need to change the way they are living rarely results in lasting sustainable change.
  • Information overload has never been greater.  With so many health and wellness guidelines, services and products available, it is increasingly hard to create and initiate our own wellness path. It leaves people confused and ambivalent.
  • In our everyday lives we are pulled in many directions. Many of us are losing the ability to be mindful and present, and we end up operating on autopilot.  It is hard to change a behavior if we’re not present and aware. It is easy to see obstacles, and our wellness isn’t made a priority.

Attempting to change lifelong habits amid all this information clutter and confusion can be a daunting task.  This is where Health and Wellness Coaching comes in.


Thank you for your time.  If you have a referral in mind or would like to find out more about my practice, you can contact me here:

– Julie Browning

Breakaway Wellness Coaching
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